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Diabetes can be cured and you can live healthily! A 90 year old South African academician shares the secrets of his victory against diabetes

South Africa'n famous endocrinologist, inventor, professor, academician, Nobel Prize recipient, as well as many other medical awards. Rob Nkosi who retire at ages 65, but his spirit never retire for the medical field. For more than 7 years in retirement, Professor Rob struggling with diabetes. Now he is 90 years old and has never exceeded normal sugar for 3 years. I suggest you cancel the statement, In addition the professor admitted as still be South Africa 60s.

Professor Rob says he has discovered the secret of diabetes and can be cured at any stage. So far, the former endocrinologists confirm his statement.

Our correspondent managed to interview him. Professor Rob detailing the methodology to combat diabetes.

Correspondent: Professor Rob, you have repeatedly argued that the cleaning of the pancreas is the foundation in the treatment of diabetes. Why do you think so?

Professor Rob: Simple. Work of all organs and internal systems depends on the quality of the blood supply. Anyway, what is meant by the blood supply - is the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and carbon dioxide intake and metabolic products to the internal organs. In childhood, adolescence, young, we move around, our vessel new, elastic, clean - all with maximum ternutrisi organ. However, with age, the movement became less and less, and blood vessels became polluted. It is caused by various factors - not only dangerous things (eg, such as smoking, poor nutrition, ecology, lifestyle is not moving or not exercising), but also discount intake or food we eat (fat deposition, for example, happens to everyone).

Is contaminated vessels that? Imagine a pipe that has not been cleaned. What happens in the end? As a result, the pipe was covered with a thick layer of rust, lime and other insoluble sediment, and water itself becomes tasteless. The same thing happened with the internal organs. When cholesterol or other substances are stored in vessels, blood is obtained with dirt, blood supply becomes not as it should be. As a result, all the organs and systems suffer, they stop working as conceived by nature. The same thing occurs in the pancreas. In which insulin is produced, which break down blood sugar. With clogged vessels, the pancreas is not able to complete its work and the cells stopped interacting with insulin.

Photos from the last presentation by Professor Suryo.

If you regularly clean the pancreas discount, then you can live at least 120 years and would not know what it was diabetes. And at the same time, no one will hurt you - or your organs, and the brain would work well. That is, by cleaning vessels, you can extend the life and your health a significant discount. And this is not just theory. My friends wrestle with this disease right after he retired and suffering from type II diabetes. And all my experience in endocrinology who help find a solution for him.

So there is a gradual pollution. Areas of white dots is a problem that prevents the cells interact with insulin. As a result, there is an excess of glucose in the body.

Correspondent: Pathology what caused the increase in sugar?

Professor Rob: All organisms suffer. But, of course, the organs and systems in which the vascular system is well developed primarily affected.

Diabetes causes diseases such as:

  • Diabetes Rinopati high glycemic small change retinal blood vessel walls and making it hollow and irregular. Cause total blindness.
  • Diabetic foot. In most cases, amputation is required.
  • Intermittent claudication. Narrowing of the arteries of the lower limb called peripheral arterial occlusive lesion or OPA. Initially, the disease is manifested by a cooling and tingling, often ending with a disability.
  • Swelling thrombosis and peripheral arterial occlusive lesions. Damage to the blood vessel wall from time to time cause precipitation of calcium, resulting in atherosclerosis
  • Damage to the kidneys. Damage to the walls of blood vessels as blood sugar continues to rise also affects the small blood vessels (capillaries) kidney.

For you to appreciate all the dangers of diabetes, I want to show you some photos.

Diabetic Rinopati cause blindness in part or entirely.

Diabetic foot. The photograph shows all the stages, the case ended with the amputation of a finger.

Thrombosis and peripheral arterial occlusive lesions of the lower extremities.

It occurs in various places! In South Africa, four times as many people die from the complications of diabetes than in other countries. Doctors know this, they know that it is necessary to clean and restore the pancreas breakdown of glucose, but for some reason there is no such practice in the treatment of South Africa. Doctors only prescribe medication to be taken by the patient for the rest of his life. However, they do not heal, they only provide a temporary effect. And it is very important in this case to clean the vessels. By the way, in the West, everyone after 35-40 years have been doing this for more than half a century. That is, I know very well about cleaning the vessels. Why people do not think there is a big question for me.

Reporter: Are there any symptoms that could be understood that these organs contaminated?

Professor Rob: Yes, of course.

The main symptoms include:

  • Sugar sustained increase discounts
  • Migraine
  • memory impairment
  • Persistent fatigue discount / chronic
  • Insomnia
  • Problems in the field of intimate
  • Impaired vision and hearing
  • High blood pressure
  • Shortness of breath and angina pectoris
  • Pale skin on the feet
  • Muscle and joint pain

In fact, the organ became very quickly contaminated due to the blood vessels, especially in the elderly. To do this, you do not need to eat a burger or fries all day. Just eat a sausage or fried eggs, so the amount of cholesterol deposited in the vessels. Over time, cholesterol accumulates.

Correspondent: Let us come to the main point - can you tell us your secret for diabetes?

Professor Rob: Until recently, the preparation process to clean the pancreas and adjust glucose absorption takes several months. I myself collect herbs, look for it in the market or order on the Internet, and then prepare a potion. I do not do this now, because recently my colleague, based on a formula that I developed, has created a very good drug and cheap designed to clean up the blood vessels, In South Africa, it is called Diaboost . For our purposes, this is perfect.

Diaboost is an excellent alternative that allows you to normalize the glucose processing for 2-3 weeks of regular intake. I also want to note that this drug does not contain any chemicals, but only a highly concentrated extract of the plant that are useful, so it is not harmful to the body, but also very rewarding. Given the antiquity, the patient is still in touch with me, including about problems with the pancreas. More recently, I suggest that this drug only. It helps a lot of people and very good.

In South Africa, this drug has been used for about a year, so no official statistics from the Research Institute of Endocrinology South Africa for Cleaning Vascular, obtained from clinical studies. discount total, about 2,000 patients participated in this study. They all take care of Diaboost .

The results of the study during treatment with Diaboost :

  • Normalization of glucose levels in 1-2 days after taking the drug - 99% of the studied
  • Normalization of metabolic processes overall discount per treatment - 97% of the studied
  • Cleaning vessels per treatment - 99% of subjects
  • Improving the effectiveness of the treatment of chronic diseases - 99% of the studied
  • Improving overall health discount - 100% of subjects
  • No side effects from taking the drug - 100% of the studied


Correspondent: What is the cost Diaboost , and where we can get it?

Professor Rob: You probably know that many drugs are expensive for me now. Having said that, I would not recommend expensive drugs. Diaboost medications are very affordable, especially now that the drug has become a major drug in diabetes control programs in South Africa and can be acquired at a discount.

Conditions for receiving Diaboost in the program:

  • For those who live in areas that participate in this program as ( Durban )
    Only residents of the area in which the program currently operates discount can take advantage of this discount.
  • Only for personal use.
    It is necessary to deal with retailers who try to make up for the Diaboost massive discount and resell it at an additional cost.
  • The contents of the app through the official website of the program, or through the application form
    The official website is the producer price guarantees and protection of retailers

As part of this program, Diaboost distributed at a discount, so that every resident of South Africa obtain drug and forget about diabetes and complications forever! To take part in the action and get Diaboost discount, you have to leave the application on the official form no later than Applications can leave by adults over 35 years old, living in South Africa.

Official application form

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To receive Diaboost with regional discount discount program.
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Correspondent: Thank you very much, Professor Rob, for a detailed interview discount.


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