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Support Type 2 Diabetes By Lowering Sugar Level

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Support Type 2 Diabetes By Lowering Sugar Level

250 Reviews

Respond Better to Insulin & Reset Metabolism.Diabetin - is an innovative glucose support formula that empowers you to curb your sugar intake and manage your blood sugar levels.

Supports healthy blood sugar

Protection against oxidative stress

Helps relieve inflammation

Promotes digestive health

Aids energy production

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“…I did my research…”

“My blood sugar has improved within a few weeks. This has Fig leaf and White Mulberry leaf in it, which are a healthy replacement for prescription meds!”

“This drastically improved my life!”

“This helps lower blood glucose levels by decreasing insulin resistance. My blood sugar levels are below 100 and my a1c is below 5.9!”

Do You Suffer From Any of The Following Symptoms

Have you been diagnosed with a heart problem?

Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

Do you suffer from high blood pressure?

Are you overweight for your age & body type?

Take a natural approach

Utilize nature's ingredients to support healthy blood sugar daily

Natural aid for type 2 diabetes

Fig leaf and White Mulberry leaf have been reported to reduce the risks of diabetes by increasing the release of insulin.

Lowering blood sugar level

Fig leaf and White Mulberry leaf have shown to effectively regulate blood glucose and blood lipid of patients while alleviating insulin resistance.

Decreasing insulin resistance

Fig leaf and White Mulberry leaf have been reported increase the release of insulin, reduce the absorption of intestinal glucose, enhance the synthesis of glycogen.

Resetting metabolism

Emerging role of Fig leaf and White Mulberry leaf in modifying sugar and lipid metabolism has been verified in clinical studies.

Pre-diabetes is No Joke!

Yet 1 out of 3 adults over the age of 18 have it, while many don’t even know they do! It can lead to irreversible changes to your life, such as type 2 diabetes

Symptoms of Pre-diabetes

Hunger & Fatigue

One of the early warning signs of diabetes is hunger combined with low energy. The problem is, when you get older, your appetite can sometimes increase in your energy level definitely goes down.

Thirst & Frequent Urination

This is a symptom where older people may think that is just a side effect of aging. However, these are definitely symptoms of diabetes, and should not be taken lightly.

Skin Problems

Another thing that will happen with diabetes is the darkening of the skin in some areas, particularly in the creases of the body.

Numbness & Tingling in Legs and/or Feet

Because of the increased blood sugar, your body’s bloodstream moves throughout your circulatory system a lot slower.

Only Botanicals and Essential Nutrients

That nourish a healthy endocrine system and promote a healthy, nutrient metabolism and blood sugar level

Fig Leaf

Powerful supplement, which supports lower blood sugar.

White Mulberry Leaf

Shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and decreases high blood sugar levels.

Berberine Extract

Lowers cholesterol levels and reduces excessive glucose production in the liver.

Juniper Berry

Controls inflammation levels and promotes weight loss.

Bitter Melon

Lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

Why Fig leaf and White Mulberry leaf are So Important


Insulin response

Fig leaf, Berberine Extract and White Mulberry leaf helps body respond better to insulin


Regulates blood sugar use, boosts metabolism

Regulate how body uses blood sugar / boost metabolism


Helps lower glucose level

Effectively reducing the levels of lipids and glucose in the blood via multi-target mechanisms

What the Science Says

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is linked to lowering the body's blood sugar. This is because the bitter melon has properties that act like insulin, which helps bring glucose into the cells for energy. The consumption of bitter melon can help your cells use glucose and move it to your liver, muscles, and fat.

White Mulberry Leaf

Chemicals in white mulberry work similarly to some medicines used for type 2 diabetes. They slow the breakdown of sugar in the stomach so that it's absorbed more slowly into the blood. This helps the body keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range. People commonly use white mulberry for diabetes.

Success Stories

Here are some success stories from customers who use this bundle

"I should have gotten the 3 bottles bundle!"

"I'm really enjoying Diabetin, it is really effective product!"

Jose G.

"Great offer, great price!"

"I took 3 bottles and I'm not sorry. This product really helped bring my life back!"

Noel R.

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Laura Martin

I had honestly given up hope by the time I got to know about Diabetin. It has been a literal lifesaver for me. Now, I don't have to go to the doctor every other week with low blood sugar levels.

5 0

Daniel Moore

They delivered it already!

3 0

Amy Evans

Before I started using it, I couldn't get my sugar levels in normal levels. After almost 3 weeks of making Diabetin a part of my morning routine, the sugar levels are really down to the normal levels.

9 0

Steven Rodriguez

My wife and I like to call it the magic capsule because it has been working its magic on the two of us for a year now.

9 0

Betty Phillips

Fast delivery, easy to use, great results!

0 0

Brian Lee

The thing I love the most about the product is that it is free from any chemicals or fillers. This information makes the whole experience stress-free for me.

7 0

Betty Phillips

For all of you who designed the formula for Diabetin, I can't thank you enough for changing my life.!

9 0

Donald Jackson

I've been taking these capsules for a few days already, i must say it's great

9 0

Margaret Turner

For any of you reading the comments, do yourself a favor and try it out for yourself! You would be surprised at the results, believe me.

9 0

Kevin Martin

All my life I have had a rocky relationship with my blood sugar levels, I only wish I knew about that product earlier, it would've saved me a lot of late-night doctor's visits.

1 0

Deborah Edwards

I was really skeptical about the product but I'm very glad I stuck to it. It's been a week and I can already sense the changes.

8 0

Kenneth Clark

This product is wonderful, cannot recommend it enough

9 0

Diane Ramirez

I have been taking it for a few weeks and my mood changes have stopped. The bloating I couldn't get rid of is going away too. I can't wait for all the changes to come into effect!

8 0

Angela Stewart

Is there any active promotion? I would like to order it one more time for me and for a friend?

9 0

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